Solar Panels in Bakersfield: Cost, Companies, & Installation Tips

California has been rated the best state in the country for solar system installation. A lot of sunny days with a clear sky make it a perfect place to switch to solar energy. Bakersfield is no exception – if you are thinking about installing solar panels in Bakersfield, keep reading and find out everything you need to know about the process. 

This article will cover

  • Solar System Installation Costs in Bakersfield
  • Incentives, Tax Credits, And Rebates For Solar Panels in Bakersfield
  • What To Look For When Installing Solar Panels in Bakersfield
  • Top 7 Solar Companies in Bakersfield

Solar System Installation Costs in Bakersfield

Solar System Installation Costs in Bakersfield

While installing solar panels surely pays off long-term, it is a big investment to start with. California is one of the more expensive states in this regard. When it comes to Bakersfield, prices range from 3.53$ to 4.50$ per watt of solar energy.

Here is the table that will help you estimate how much money you will approximately need for your new solar system. The price per watt used is the average price of 4$. 

System size Area it covers System cost
1 kW 90 sq. ft.  4000$
2 kW 180 sq. ft. 8000$
3 kW 270 sq. ft. 12000$
4 kW 360 sq. ft. 16000$
5 kW 450 sq. ft. 20000$
6 kW 540 sq. ft. 24000$
7 kW 630 sq. ft.  28000$
8 kW 720 sq. ft.  32000$
9 kW 810 sq. ft. 36000$
10 kW 900 sq. ft.  40000$

Keep in mind that the final price will depend on many other factors. The bigger the surface that you want to cover, the bigger the total price. Different companies charge differently – always double-check the reliability of a company and if they use high-quality materials.

If the price seems too low, it may be because of the bad quality of the materials used, or because the company doesn’t offer a guarantee on the system. It’s better to pay a few thousand dollars more than to worry about the quality or efficiency of your solar system. 

The price can also depend on the type of system you want to install. Commercial solar systems tend to be more expensive than residential ones, mainly because they are more efficient. Despite their names, you can use a commercial system on a residential home and vice versa. 

Despite the relatively high cost, you can expect to save more than 90000$ on average during the 25 years. 

Solar Panels Bakersfield

Incentives, Tax Credits, And Rebates For Solar Panels in Bakersfield

If the prices above seemed too expensive, you are in for good news! Those prices drop by thousands of dollars once you take into account the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit – ITC. This is a nationwide incentive that takes 26% off of the total cost of your solar system.

Incentives, Tax Credits, And Rebates For Solar Panels in Bakersfield

It can be used both for commercial and residential properties. In order to qualify, you need to be the owner of the property, and you need to buy (not rent) the solar equipment you will use. The ITC will drop to 22% in 2023, and in 2024 it will not be available anymore, so try to hurry up and take advantage of this great perk. Here are the prices after ITC:

System size Area it covers System cost after ITC
1 kW 90 sq. ft.  2960$
2 kW 180 sq. ft. 5920$
3 kW 270 sq. ft. 8880$
4 kW 360 sq. ft. 11840$
5 kW 450 sq. ft. 14800$
6 kW 540 sq. ft. 17760$
7 kW 630 sq. ft.  20720$
8 kW 720 sq. ft.  23680$
9 kW 810 sq. ft. 26640$
10 kW 900 sq. ft.  29600$

Next, if you are a PG&E customer, you can be eligible for SGIP (Self-Generation Incentive Program). This rebate is aimed to reduce the total cost of installing a battery for your solar system. It takes 15-20% off of the average battery cost.

If you decide to use this rebate, you will get 50% right away, and the next 50% paid annually over the next five years. Depending on the price of the battery, you can get tens of thousands of dollars from this program.

It is good to choose to install a battery because you won’t ever have to worry about getting the electricity from your solar panels, even in the case of a hurricane or other natural disasters.

California also has a good net metering policy. Whenever your solar panels produce more energy than you are able to use, the electricity is sent back to the grid to be used by your electricity provider. For every watt that you send to the grid, you get credits for your electricity bill at the same price they would charge you for it. 

One more incentive is the Tax Exemption for the increased home value. When you go solar in California, home value can increase by 20000$ on average. While normally you would have to pay taxes for that amount, you are exempted from that in the case of the solar system installation. 

What To Look For When Installing Solar Panels in Bakersfield

Solar Panels in Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a hot, dry city with an almost desert-like climate. It gets 272 sunny days per year! Not only it is sunny, but it gets 191 clear days per year, making it an ideal place for solar energy. 

In order to predict the efficiency of your solar panels, you need to know how many peak hours the city you live in gets. For the best results, solar panels need to be directly exposed to sunlight for five hours daily.

Bakersfield surpasses this number as there are almost six peak hours per day in this city. For an even higher number, you can choose dual-axis tracking, which will allow your solar panels to follow the sun and collect more energy if needed.

Although you won’t have to worry about the direction and angle of your solar panels, as the company will do that for you, here is some information on how to position them for the best results. Your solar panels should be at 35 degrees, facing south, because that is Bakersfield’s latitude.

If you want to change the angle twice a year, they should be at 12 degrees in summer and 50 degrees in winter. In case you decide to change their angle each season, they should be at 32 degrees in spring and autumn, 8 degrees in summer, and 55 degrees during the winter months. 

Top 7 Solar Companies in Bakersfield

Choosing solar energy as your main source of electricity is a big decision, but it is definitely a smart one. It is important to find a good company that will guide you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have. Here are seven companies located in Bakersfield that can help you do just that.

1. Sunrun


This company offers personalized service, custom solar designs, and an industry-leading guarantee. They promise to guide you through the whole process and you can get a free quote on their website. They provide both solar panels and solar batteries, with low to zero down upfront costs. 

Location: 3615 Patton Way, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Phone: 661-493-2417



2. Sunpower By Sunsolar

Sunpower By Sunsolar

This company promises to deliver high-quality design, installation, and maintenance of your solar system. They proud themselves on the customer-oriented service and highly trained staff. They provide both commercial and residential solar systems, batteries, and warranties. They also have a ‘refer and earn’ program, where you can earn rewards by referring them to friends and family. 

Location: 8803 Scobee St, Bakersfield, CA 93311

Phone: 661-379-7000



3. Solar Optimum 

Solar Optimum 

Solar Optimum is a company rewarded the National Installer of the Year Award by Panasonic in 2020. You can download their free ultimate guide to solar from their website. They offer residential and commercial solar systems, roofing, and battery storage. You can be safe as you get a 25-year guarantee on their services.

Location: Box Solar Optimum, 1430 Truxtun Ave 5th floor, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Phone: 661-206-3460



4. Photon Brothers

Photon Brothers

Photon Brothers is a local company focused on solar systems and energy storage. They are Tesla certified and they use REC panels, which produce around 60% more energy than traditional ones over the 25 years period. You can reserve a free consultation. They also provide a 25-year power and product guarantee. 

Location: 9354 Shellabarger Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Phone: 805-351-3371



5. Bland Company

Bland Company

Bland Company has been around for thirty years. They find caring for your home exciting. Apart from solar energy services like solar panels and batteries, they also offer air conditioning and roofing. They offer rewards in cash for referrals and a free cost estimate on their website. 

Location: 4303 E Brundage Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93307

Phone: 661-836-3880



6. Semper Solaris

Semper Solaris

As stated on their website, the name of this company was inspired by the motto of Marine Corps – Semper Fidelis, which means ‘always faithful’. Their services include solar power, battery storage, roofing, heating, and air conditioning. You can book a free initial appointment here

Location: 2353 Cepheus Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Phone: 661-577-4888



7. 1st Light Energy

1st Light

1st Lights is a company that offers residential and commercial solar panel systems. They promise to serve every customer and to take care of all the issues in the process. You can use their free savings calculator on their website. 

Location:2831 Gibson St, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Phone: 866-837-6527



Installing solar panels in Bakersfield is a good decision considering the solar potential this city has, the amount of money you can save, and, of course, the fact that you will be helping the planet.

Although California is not the cheapest state for installing solar panels, there are incentives that you can take advantage of to help you finance this process. Once you choose the perfect company for you, you can have your new solar panels in just a few days!

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