Why is My Electric Bill so High with Solar Panels?

It is surprising how high electric bills are nowadays. Over time, more people are investing in solar energy to power their homes and businesses. But, it is more unexpecting to see a high electric bill despite depending less on electricity. Have you asked yourself, “Why is my electric bill so high even with solar panels?” … Read more

How to Choose Solar Torch Light?

We live a high-paced life nowadays, and barely have time to go far away and enjoy ourselves. However, we can relax in our house, which consumes less time and money. Occupied by a load of work and tasks, you may ignore that some parts of your house can be used for entertainment base. To make … Read more

best solar lights

How to Choose Solar Light?

Lights are one of the most important appliances of daily life. They bring light to us every night so that we can do whatever we want in the dark. We just can’t imagine life without lights. However, as lights consume much energy every day and we have to pay the bills each month, solar-powered lights … Read more

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How to Choose Solar Path Light?

Path lights play a role in our daily life. They are not only responsible for brightening your way at night but also decorating your garden path beautifully. Therefore, they are indispensable parts of your garden or yard. And we are all familiar with the traditional path lights that use normal electricity or battery to work. On … Read more

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

How to Choose Outdoor Solar Light?

Outdoor lights are an important component of our house. They work as safeguards to keep us safe when we act in the yard or garden. Also, they can beautify your house at night. Anyone needs outdoor lights to be a company. And we are all familiar with the traditional outdoor lights that use normal electricity … Read more

Best Solar Camping Lanterns

How to Choose Solar Camping Lantern?

One of the joys of camping is being able to disconnect from our fast-paced, technology-driven lives and reconnecting with nature. However, light is a technological innovation we simply can’t do away with even while we’re in the great outdoors. This is where solar-powered camping lights come into play. They’re affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternatives to … Read more

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How to Choose Solar Bug Zapper?

Summer is a great time to enjoy your outdoor living space. However, the only problem is that there will be many stinging and non-stinging insects invading your space. However, with the best solar bug zappers, you can enjoy a peaceful time. As usual, these solar products have taken the market by storm. Therefore, it can … Read more

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How to Choose Solar Lamp Posts?

Whether it’s for your garden, driveway, or backyard, a solar lamp post is a nice decorative and functional addition. Not only do they make your space prettier, but they give it additional brightness too. Traditional electric lamp posts were hard to install and high-maintenance, making it a non-option for most households. Thankfully, solar technology has … Read more

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How to Choose Solar Tube?

If you are reading this, maybe you feel that your house needs more lighting than is already available. Therefore, you might consider installing the best solar tubes. Of course, there are other lighting options available. For instance, you could add more electric lighting fixtures and rack up your power bill seriously. In addition, you could … Read more

Best Solar Wall Light

How to Choose Solar Wall Lights?

Wall-mounted lights are pretty additions to any home’s interior or exterior. Solar-powered lights are even better. For one, solar wall lights are extremely cost-efficient. Apart from the initial purchase cost, you pretty much don’t need to spend anything else, yay for cheaper electricity bills! They’re also very sustainable and eco-friendly as their energy comes solely … Read more