16 DIY Solar Powered Cars Plans

It’s amazing the things that can be powered by solar energy. Entire homes, street lights, and electric vehicles. It is the latter that piques our interest today. Not only that, but we want to approach it from the DIY perspective. What solar-powered cars can we make with simple supplies and some elbow grease? We did … Read more

9 Steps to Build a 5,000-Watt Solar Generator

Building a solar generator can seem like a daunting task at first glance. But with some basic knowledge and elbow grease, you can create your own reliable source of power! And who knows, maybe this project could even spark (pun intended) a career change for you. After building one yourself, you may want to become … Read more

Build an Off-Grid Solar System

How to Build an Off-Grid Solar System?

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DIY Solar Oven Plans

25 DIY Solar Oven Plans on Eco-Friendly Cooking

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diy solar generator

8 Best DIY Solar Generator Plans You Build At Home

Carrying a solar generator on your camping trip can double the fun without you having to burn fuel or disturb your neighbors. You can easily charge your smartphones and electronic devices without making any noise. They come in various shapes and sizes and fit inside your vehicle. There are cost-efficient as well as high-quality options … Read more

8 Easy Steps To Make A Solar Battery Charger (with Pictures)

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how to Install a Solar Tube

11 Easy Steps to Install a Solar Tube

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4 Amazing DIY Solar Shower Ideas

Did you know that you can easily create amazing solar shower DIY plans, from solar bags shower to roof rack shower ideas? You just need to get cheap materials from Amazon, and you’re good to go! Some of the best DIY plans are usually ideas you get online. Of course, you can also get some … Read more

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11 Easy DIY Solar Panel Plans

Perhaps you want to install solar panels and save the money you spend on electricity bills. Or you want an environment-friendly way to power your home. But solar panel budgets have left your head-dizzying. If this is you, there might be a way to still achieve your goal without having to spend so much money. … Read more