leasing vs buying solar panels

Leasing vs. Buying Solar Panels: Weigh All Your Options

With solar energy being increasingly used in America, where more than 700,000 homes have installed solar panels, it’s time to join the bandwagon. You are not only saving the planet’s deteriorating climate, but you’ll also be spearing a few bucks in electric bills. Even though solar panels have become more affordable, especially in recent years, … Read more

Flexible vs Rigid Solar Panels: Which is Better for You?

The solar panels you see in home solar systems are almost always flat and rigid. But are you aware that there is another type of solar panel that doesn’t have to be flat? These flexible solar panels seem ideal for installing on curved surfaces, like the roofs of recreational vehicles. But is one technology better … Read more

Solar and Wind Energy

Solar and Wind Energy: Everything There Is to Know

Solar and wind energy systems are clean technologies that have many benefits in store for you. These benefits go beyond saving big on your electricity bills. By harnessing the power of free, never-ending energy resources like solar and wind, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This helps you contribute to fighting that hole in the … Read more

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline

Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline: Which One Is the Best Choice?

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline are two popular options of solar panels available on the market today. Both solar panels produce energy from the sun, and for the most part, they’re made from pretty much the same materials. So, which option should you choose between these two when you’re shopping? These solar panels have some key differences … Read more

how to Install a Solar Tube

11 Easy Steps to Install a Solar Tube

Have you decided to go fully solar? A solar panel array for your power and a tube for your daytime lighting will come in handy! Indeed, you’ll want to learn how to install a solar tube in your house! To install a solar tube, choose the ceiling’s ideal part- preferably the center- and mark it. … Read more

solar shower walmart

5 Best Solar Showers On Walmart

Back in the days, it was impossible to take a warm, relaxing shower in the open wild. But with the advent of solar showers, it’s now possible to enjoy a cozy shower with warm water when camping out in the wilderness or after a long day at the beach. A solar shower comes with a … Read more

solar shower bag

What Is A Solar Shower Bag & Is It Worth The Money?

If you know little about a solar shower bag, rest easy. Put simply, this is a bag designed to help you take a shower by filling it with water and then warm it using sunlight. The bag is mainly applicable in camps or when you’re on the road and need to clean up. Shower bags … Read more

what is a solar shower

What Is a Solar Shower & How Does it Work? 

There’s nothing as refreshing as taking a hot shower in the bush. You get to catch rare glimpses of wildlife up-close while having an incredibly soothing burst. If you’re planning to go camping in the remotest campgrounds this weekend, a solar shower will come in handy. With a solar shower, you get that hot, relaxing … Read more

how to install solar attic fan

How to Install Solar Attic Fan? (Steps & Tips)

Do you find it difficult to keep your house cool during the hot summer months? I certainly do, and my summer electricity bills aren’t much fun, what with all the cost of running my AC units. But fear not, I’ve got a great way to keep your house cool without adding to your energy bills. … Read more

replace solar light batteries

6 Steps to Replace Solar Light Batteries

Are you wondering why your solar lights are becoming dimmer with every passing day? A solar light requires four essential components to light up your space. These include a rechargeable battery, photovoltaic cell or solar array, charge controller, and an LED bulb. All these components must be in tip-top working condition for your solar lights … Read more