How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh

How Much Do Solar Panels Weigh? (Chart)

Are you worried about the extra weight solar panels add to your roof? Along with space considerations, it’s important to ensure your roof can support the weight and to know how much solar panels weigh. Solar panels weigh between 33-50 pounds on average. A solar panel can add up to 3 pounds per square foot. … Read more

how long do solar panel batteries last

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last? (Chart)

Solar batteries don’t live as long as solar panels. Batteries, regardless of their type and use, will degrade over time. But some batteries last longer than others. Solar batteries last between 5 and 15 years. But the battery’s type, quality, maintenance, and how often you use it affect its lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries last longer than … Read more

what is solar farm

Exploring the 6 Common Solar Farm Types: How Do They Work?

They say that the sun, in a single hour, showers the blue marble we call home with enough light energy to power the entire planet for a whole year. But to capture this immense energy, we may have to cover the entire globe with a blanket of solar panels. While covering the entire planet with … Read more

6 Common Solar Panel Problems (Cause, Solution & Prevention)

What can I say about solar energy that hasn’t been said before? It is renewable and sustainable, and we get it for free. Sure, solar equipment is not cheap, but nobody charges you for the sun. Solar energy is also green and environmentally friendly. Solar panels are really a marvel of human ingenuity. But with … Read more

4 Steps to Choose a Solar Company

Let’s face some facts, shall we? We’re living in a world of increasing environmental consciousness. From the dinner table to your local pub, everyone wants to know what you’re doing to save the tiny blue marble we call home. But you don’t need picket signs and a megaphone. You don’t need to chant, “Save the … Read more

What Happens When I Buy a House With Solar Panels?

Did you know that solar panels installed on a property increase the value of that property? You probably knew that, didn’t you? But did you know that in certain jurisdictions, the value that the property gains is exempt from property taxes? But those are just some of the goodies you can expect from installing solar … Read more

How Many Amps Does a 100-watt Solar Panel Produce?

Oh boy! Where to begin? Okay, solar panels come with their rating; these are the figures you see on the nameplates of solar panels. Online solar panel merchants even quote them on their listings. Let me give you some examples to refresh your memory. Normally you’ll see figures like 100W, 325W, 400W, etc. Or 12V, … Read more

6 Steps To Clean Your Solar Panels

If you’re like many solar panel owners, rain is probably your only cleaning option—unless you live in California. But to get the most ROI from your solar system, you need a more effective cleaning solution. And that’s why you’re here.  You can clean your solar panels using some gentle soap, water, and a mop with … Read more

4 Steps to Clean Solar Lights

We have to ensure a safe outdoor space at night. Solar lights are an excellent device to install in your outdoor living area. Besides keeping your property safe, you are being environmentally conscious by choosing a solar-powered light fixture. However, these outdoor light fixtures are constantly under extreme conditions, requiring regular maintenance to keep their … Read more

4 Best Ways To Dispose Of Solar Panels

How do you dispose of your solar panels at the end of their lives? Solar panels are outdoor appliances. Manufacturers build them to withstand the elements. PV panels are quite durable and can last up to 25-30 years. But what happens at the end of their usable life? Solar panels contain toxic materials like lead … Read more