DIY Solar Oven Plans

25 DIY Solar Oven Plans on Eco-Friendly Cooking

Are you thinking of a fun project this weekend? Well, maybe we can interest you in making a solar oven then! Now, you might ask: why a solar oven?  Well, are you looking to save a few bucks? Maybe you are trying to be a little more eco-friendly? On the lookout for a fun project … Read more

diy solar generator

8 Best DIY Solar Generator Plans You Build At Home

Carrying a solar generator on your camping trip can double the fun without you having to burn fuel or disturb your neighbors. You can easily charge your smartphones and electronic devices without making any noise. They come in various shapes and sizes and fit inside your vehicle. There are cost-efficient as well as high-quality options … Read more

Solar Tube Costs: The Price of Bringing Sunlight into Your Home

Are you planning to install solar tubes for your house or office? Certainly, you’ll want to know the solar tube costs so you can plan and budget well enough. So, how much will the whole installation process cost? Are there solar tube packages for homeowners on a budget? Solar tubes (sun tubes, tubular skylights, or … Read more

solar tube vs skylights

Solar Tube Vs. Skylight: 5 Sharp Differences Solar You Must Know!

Are you planning to cut your power prices by going solar? When you’re a clean energy enthusiast and building a home, one of the challenges you’ll have is deciding between a solar tube and a skylight. The two options are popular among homeowners, but; they have also fueled a heated-up debate of solar tube vs. … Read more

sunrun or solarcity

Sunrun or Solarcity? – Things You Need to Know Before Choose

I’m sure that you are aware that Sunrun and solar city are two of the most significant home solar energy companies in the US. Maybe you’re thinking of using one of them for your home solar system. It’s essential to choose the best solar company for your needs; after all, home solar systems are expensive, … Read more

Solar vs. Nuclear

Solar vs. Nuclear – Which One Should We Invest In?

You’ve probably heard (or read) about the political to-and-fro between Democrats and Republicans on climate change. Was Trump right to withdraw from the 2015 Paris pact on averting the threatening climatic change? Was Biden right to rejoin the accord when he took office? Well, that depends on which party you’re affiliated to. Despite the political … Read more

solar energy vs fossil fuels

Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels – Pros and Cons

Have you installed solar yet? If you’re reading this, I guess you are at least thinking about doing so, and quite right too. These days home solar technology has advanced at such a rate that you can experience some significant savings by installing solar panels. But before we get carried away, let’s start at the … Read more

solar panels in series vs parallel

Solar Panels in Series vs Parallel – Advantages And Disadvantages

Series vs Parallel Solar Panels Were you aware that there is more than one way to connect the solar panels in your home solar system? In fact, there are two main techniques for wiring together solar panels, and each has different characteristics. You can choose to wire up your home solar system in a series … Read more

Photovoltaic Vs Solar

Photovoltaic VS Solar Thermal: A Detailed Look

More and more people across the world are leaning toward solar power to meet their daily energy needs. Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal are two popular and established technologies used to generate electricity from the sun. Both of these solar power technologies generate electricity using the same principle. They work by absorbing the sun’s rays … Read more

LG vs Sunpower Solar Panels

LG vs Sunpower Solar Panels: Everything You Need to Know

LG and Sunpower are the USA’s market-leading solar panel manufacturers. They both make an extensive range of home solar panels using the latest technology to help homeowners generate home solar electricity and cut down on their mains electricity costs. But which of these companies is the best? Does LG or Sunpower make the best solar … Read more