10 Best Solar Flagpole Lights

Do you have a flagpole outside your property in line with your patriotic spirit? If yes, you need one of the best solar flagpole lights.

No matter how much love you have for your country, you don’t want to raise your electricity bills just so you can fly a flag 24/7. Thankfully, solar lighting for your flagpole is just a few dollars away.

Without nighttime illumination, no one will know that you have the flag of your beloved country flying high mast.

But not to worry:

In the next section, you will see 10 handpicked flagpole lights that you can use to illuminate your flag at night.

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Best Solar Flag Pole Light Reviews 2022

Once you start looking for the top flagpole light, you will find so many in the market. In addition, the manufacturers wax lyrical about their products. Therefore, it is a bit hard to know what is good and what is not.

Here, we have done the footwork for you and we bring you to select solar flag lights, their features, pros and downsides that you should expect from each.

1. Deneve Deluxe Solar Flagpole Lights

Deneve is a Californian company and they have a zero-landfill policy, meaning that they recycle all of their leftover materials including electronic waste. Therefore, getting their Deluxe silver light for flagpole helps you to not only display your flag 24/7 in a show of patriotism. You also help to make the planet greener, by a notch.


Many flag lights do not have rechargeable batteries, meaning that you have to buy the entire light again when the batteries are fully discharged. However, this light uses 3 AA batteries, which are rechargeable and replaceable.Deneve Deluxe Solar Flagpole Lights

The light has a sensor feature that turns the light on automatically at dusk. However, before you install it, make sure you have the switch at the “On” position so that it can start charging. The light gives you a wider coverage than you get from most other solar flag pole lights.

This light is compatible with flagpoles within the range of 15 to 25 feet with a stabilizing rod of 0.5 inches at the top. Therefore, before you can order it, make sure that your flagpole is within these parameters.

There is a flaw with these lights. The solar panel is polymer-coated. Therefore, it cakes and turns an ugly whitish color with time. Therefore this requires you to clean the panel from time to time to keep it working.

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  • Easy to install without the need for tools
  • Works right out of the box
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Switches on automatically or manually


  • The manufacturer does not offer any warranty or money-back guarantee

Bottom Line

If you have a veteran in the family, keeping the flag illuminated all night might be the best gift you can ever give them. Therefore, you need a solar flagpole light like this one from Deneve.


2. Vont Solar Flag Pole Light

With more than 200 lumens of brightness, the Vont solar light for the flag can illuminate a big portion of the flag. The installation of this light is ever so easy since you require no tools. The materials making this light are LEDs and plastic.


This light has a sensor so you never have to tamper with switches and on/off buttons. Therefore, even when you are on vacation, the light will still go on at dusk.

This light is compatible with flagpoles within a height range of 15 to 25 feet.  Additionally, installing this light is simple and tool-free. Once you have lowered the flag pole, you can attach the light to the flagpole, which is at the top. It will take you the utmost 60 seconds to install this light.

Vont Solar Flag Pole Light

The lamp comes with 3 AA batteries that are rechargeable. On a full charge, these batteries have a running time of 10 hours, which is basically dusk to dawn. The 26 LEDs are going to give your super brightness. Therefore, you are going to have the flag illuminated and recognizable through the night. These batteries are going to give you several hours of light even on nights following the dimmest days when there is barely any sunshine.

In spite of so many benefits, there is a disadvantage.  In the first few days, this light seems to shine super bright. However, on some days after that, you might start to see the brightness go down.

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  • You will get a lot of light from this flag light
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • 12-month warranty
  • Rechargeable batteries with a long-running time
  • It is waterproof


  • With age, the light starts to run a bit dim right before dawn

Bottom Line

With six solar panels, easy installation and super bright light, this is a plug-and-play kind of solar light for the flagpole, for people who want a hands-free operation.


3. Aopmet 30-LED Solar Power Flag Pole Light

Aopmet offers most of its outdoor solar lights with a warranty of 18 months, which inspires confidence. In addition, Aopmet says that they approach their lights details from the perspective of the user. Going by the design and effectiveness of this light, this seems to be true.


This solar powered spotlight for flag comes with a 2200mAh capacity battery. In the same line, it enables the 111 LED bulbs to run 10 hours or more, depending on the day’s brightness. Additionally, the LEDs are as durable as the battery itself. While it is suitable for illuminating your flagpole, it is also useful for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. For outdoor use, the lamp comes with a hook for easier hanging.

TOTOBAY 30-LED Solar Power Flag Pole Light

The light has a photovoltaic solar panel with many cells. They harvest light during the day and convert it into energy, which is used to light the LEDs at night. Before you install the solar panel, remove the plastic film covering it. In addition, turn the switch to the “ON” position so that it can start charging the battery.

This solar powered flag light is compatible with many flagpoles, in the range of 15 to 25 feet. If yours has a 0.5 inch rod at the top, you might use this light. Check that your flagpole meets these specs to avoid the need for any modifications.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about switching the light on or off. As soon as the sun sets and dusk sets in, the light goes on. When daylight comes, the light switches itself off.

There is one disadvantage! This is a good light but it comes with one design flaw – you cannot change the battery. Therefore, if it reaches its end and it cannot charge anymore, that will be the end of the solar light.


  • Simple, tool-free installation
  • A full charge can last at least 10 hours
  • Good customer service from the manufacturer
  • Versatile light that you can also use for camping
  • It is weatherproof by design


  • With 30 LEDs, we feel that the running time of a maximum of 10 hours after a sunny day is a short

Bottom Line

This is one of the most versatile lights for the flagpole since you can use it for illuminating your flag as well as for outdoor adventures. The hassle-free installation and auto On/Off sensor make it better.


4. Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flagpole lights

This is a 3rd generation Sunnytech solar light for the flagpole. Therefore, it means it is an improved version of others ahead of it. It comes with black plastic covers over the solar panels for extra protection and durability. Since it is waterproof, you just need to install it and forget it.


This light has a high capacity battery of 4000mAh and it can run this light for up to 17 hours. There are six beautifully arranged solar panels that charge the battery. They are covered with plastic to make them completely waterproof and to protect them from the elements. With this kind of battery, the manufacturer says you will get 1300 lumens of brightness.

Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flagpole lights

Once the light senses light, it turns off automatically. Therefore, you do not have to worry about forgetting to switch off the light even when you are traveling.

This light is compatible with flagpoles within the height range of 15 to 25 feet. The rod at the top is 0.5 inches in diameter. When you install the light, remember to push the switch to the “ON” position so that it can start charging.

The main downside to this lamp is the high price since it costs more than most. However, what you pay at price, you will get back in the bright light.


  • Can get more than 17 hours of light if the sunshine is intense
  • The solar panels have plastic coverings for extra protection
  • The light turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn
  • High capacity built-in battery
  • Good design and build quality


  • This price does seem too high

Bottom Line

Because of the excess brightness of this light, the flag will be easy to see at night even from afar. Installation is faster and can take about 60 seconds.


5. Letsmeet Solar Flag Pole Light

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to take down the flag every evening and raise it up every morning. Therefore, you need a 24/7 flag pole light that is adherent to the Flag Code, which states you can fly the flag 24/7 as long as you illuminate it properly at night.


When your package comes, it comes with the light itself and the installation rod. This is a hands-free installation so you should not take more than a couple of minutes to fix it on your telescoping flag pole. Just ensure that you turn the switch on the lamp to “on” before installing it so that it can start charging.

From the 2200mAh batteries, you can get 10 or more hours of running time. These batteries power the 30 LED bulbs for the old model. There are newer models with 128 LEDs. Since this light turns on and off automatically at dawn and dusk, this light charges illuminates and switches on/off without your interference.

There are 11 solar panels charging the batteries. If the batteries become depleted (usually you will know by the diminishing quality of the illumination), you can replace the batteries.

This light’s casing is designed with ABS plastic, which is strong and waterproof. Additionally, it is compatible with posts of the height range of 15 to 25 feet. Installation is fast and should not take you more than 5 minutes.

There is a disadvantage with this light though. For instance, on a dull day, it will not run until morning. Therefore, it feels a bit underpowered.


  • This light is weatherproof so you install and forget
  • Bright when there has been enough sunshine
  • Will turn itself off and on as required
  • Good saucer look makes your flag pole look interesting
  • Compatible with many flagpoles


  • Might not meet the promised running time
  • It can be hard to find replacement batteries

Bottom Line

If you want a flagpole light that not only illuminates your flag but also makes it look interesting, the Letsmeet solar light can meet both needs at an affordable price.


6. HOME DEPUTY Solar Flag Pole Light

As a small family-owned business, HOME DEPUTY believes that any aspect of outdoor lighting and home improvement should be affordable. Consequently, they bring you a solar power light for your flag pole that is affordable. At the same time, it saves you money on bills.


In size, this light is 8.6 inches in diameter and has a height of 1.2 inches. The casing is made of lightweight, yet very strong ABS plastic. It comes with 111 LEDs that provide enough and wide illumination to make your flag visible throughout the night. They have different brightness levels, which you can control depending on your needs.

This solar light for the flag uses a Li-ion 3.7V 2200mAh battery. It is rechargeable and replaceable, so after a couple of years, you can change it if it fails. The battery charges during the day and when dusk comes, the light turns on automatically. Subsequently, it turns off automatically at dawn.

This light can fit all flag poles that are within the height range of 15 and 25 feet. In addition, it works with all 0.5-inch shafts. Therefore, make sure your flagpole fits within these parameters before ordering.

Of course, one of the reasons why these lights are so endearing is the fast installation time. With the HOME DEPUTY solar light for the flagpole, 2 minutes are enough to have it running. First, lower the flagpole and secondly, turn the light on and set a preferred level of brightness. Unscrew the ball ornament on the flagpole and fit your light. Finally, re-screw the ball ornament on again and raise the flag pole.

There is a small disadvantage with this light. For example, the LEDs are so many but very tiny, so many people find that it does not meet their expected brightness level.


  • It is waterproof so you can install it without fear
  • Long-running time of 6 hours of super brightness and 12 hours of low brightness
  • Auto on/off feature at dawn and dusk is a good addition
  • Li-ion batteries are best for fast charging


  • More brightness would be better

Bottom line

With a simple, 4-step installation process, this solar light for the flagpole runs all night and illuminates as the Flag Code requires. Despite a few hitches, it is still worth having.


7. Solar Light Mart Alpha 180X Solar Flag Pole Light

This is a unique-looking solar light for the flagpole. Therefore, if you are looking for a light that is the only one of its kind for miles around, get this one. For instance, it has standalone solar panels where many come with battery/solar/light integrated into one compact unit.


When you get your package, it will have the solar panel, the light and stainless steel bolts for installation. The solar panel has an aluminum frame for durability and the light has an upward facing design. The light has a cast iron make. Therefore, you have to install the Alpha 180X light facing upwards straddling the flagpole.

You will be in control of the level of brightness that you will get from this light. For example, there are low, medium and high brightness settings. For all these levels, the running time for the LEDs is between 6 and 12 hours. High brightness consumes more energy, therefore giving a shorter time. The 35 LEDs give this illumination.

Talking about the installation, you will get U-brackets, stainless steel bolts and nuts as well as the cable that will connect the lamp to the solar panel. The cable is just 1 foot long but it is more than sufficient. It does not matter the shape of your flagpole because this light installs on all types.

There is a disadvantage too. For example, installing this light will take some time. It will also require you to be handy with using tools. Consequently, compared to other lights that take 60 seconds to install, this is a challenge.


  • You can install this light on all flagpole shapes
  • You will get white warm LED light
  • Illuminates the flag widely for visibility
  • The price is good
  • Shuts off automatically when the sun comes out


  • Snow can collect on the light since it faces upwards
  • Takes some time to install

Bottom line

In spite of the installation challenge, you will find this light useful. It offers wide illumination on the flag and turns itself on and off at the requisite times.


8. Blinngo Solar Flag Pole Light

The Blinngo light is a versatile piece of light that you can use for different outdoor lighting needs apart from flagpole lighting. It is easy to install on regular flagpoles within the 15 to 25 height range and 0.5 to 1.25 inch rods.


This light comes with 42 LEDs, which are indeed brighter than 30 or fewer LEDs. In addition, you get three brightness modes which are low, medium and high. Medium and high consume more power, which might mean a shorter running time than you get with the low brightness setting. Consequently, you can expect up to 10 hours of light after a bright day of charging.

The solar light comes with a 2200mAh integrated battery. The light has been rated for 50,000 hours of use. However, there is no information whether the battery is replaceable. In the same line, the installation of this light is super easy, but make sure you turn the switch On before you do so.

To use this light, make sure your flagpole meets the specifications. For instance, it should be between 15 to 25 feet height range and the top rod should be between 0.5 to 1.25 inches. If it is bigger than that, the light will not fit.

This is a good light but it has a disadvantage. Even at high brightness, it will be hard to see the flag from a distance away. However, you can see it from 30 to 50 feet maximum.


  • Simple installation in a short, 4-step process
  • Light comes with a hook for use during camping adventures
  • Automatic on/off feature is very useful
  • The light is waterproof


  • Running time starts to reduce with age


9. Bathonly Solar Flag Pole Light

Bathonly offers this light with a full refund policy of 90 days and a warranty of 2 years. If you take a warranty as a show of the confidence that a manufacturer has in their product, this solar flag pole light might be good for you. Keep reading to see its features.


First, this light has 48 LEDs, which offer more brightness. Additionally, you are in control of the brightness because you can choose from the low, medium and high modes depending on your needs. There is a strong 2200mAh battery powering the LEDs, which can run for 10 hours depending on how bright the day was.

This is an upgraded model that comes with 11 solar panels so that it can harvest more energy during the day, which will power the LEDs at night. At dusk, the light turns itself on automatically and it switches off in the morning. Once installed, this becomes a pretty much hands-free running light.

The use of ABS plastic for the casing makes this a weather-resistant light. However, it is a good idea to wipe the snow off during the winter season. You can only install this flag light on regular flagpoles that are within 15 to 25 feet height and a rod of not more than 0.55 inches.

The disadvantage is that the light is not bright enough to show the flag from a range longer than 50 feet away. In addition, the running time could reduce drastically on gloomy days.


  • Can be used as a solar street light or a camping light
  • It is simple to install the light
  • Solar panel, switch and the LEDs are waterproof
  • Assured durability due to the quality of materials


  • At first, it is confusing to change the modes because there is only one button

Bottom Line

This is a simple-to-install flagpole solar light without too many bells and whistles. It works but the running time keeps varying depending on the weather conditions.


10. MAXSA Solar Powered LED Flag Light

According to the Flag Code, you can display the US flag from sunrise to sunset. However, when you desire a patriotic effect, you may display the flag 24/7 as long as you have the required illumination. The light must be sufficient enough for a casual observer to see and recognize the flag. It is in this spirit that the MAXSA 40334 solar flag light is designed.


Before you can order this flag light, make sure it will fit on your flagpole. The reason is that this LED light can fit on poles that have a diameter of 1 to 4 inches. Apart from that, this light is automatic so it turns on when it senses darkness and turns off at dawn. This light has a running time of 12 hours on a full charge.

This light also comes with proper mounting hardware. In addition, the installation requires nonspecialized tools and it should take you just a couple of minutes. Therefore, as long as your flag pole diameter is between 1 and 4 inches, you will have the light fixed in no time.

For illumination, you get 45 lumens of light. Indeed, this is not too high. However, there is a benefit because at this brightness level, the LED running time lasts longer. For instance, you can get more than 12 hours of running time after a sunny day with the 3 AA rechargeable batteries.

In spite of all the above features and benefits, this solar light for the flag has a disadvantage. The straps provided for installation do not tighten up very well. Therefore, you might have to buy other metal straps from the hardware store.


  • This is a multipurpose light that you can also use for landscape lighting
  • Focuses well directionally to illuminate your flag
  • Automatic on/off sensor keeps your flag illuminated even when traveling
  • Meets the US flag code requirements


  • Though energy saving, 45 lumens is a bit on the lower side
  • A bit challenging to take it down when mounted

Bottom line

This light stays on long enough to cover the dusk to dawn period, but you might feel that it is not as powerful as you like.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Flagpole Lights

solar flag pole lights

With so many flagpole lights in the market, a newbie buyer can find the variety too confusing. However, you can follow the guidelines below:

Brightness Levels

To tell you the truth, LED solar lights for flag poles are not very bright. That notwithstanding, there should at least be a good level of illumination to make the flag visible from a distance away. For example, a light with low, medium and high brightness levels is better. If you can see the flag from 50 feet away, the light works as required.

Ease of Installation

In this flagpole solar lights review, almost all of the products are easy to install, in a couple of minutes. However, we have seen the Alpha 180X light that requires some tools. Therefore, if you do not like tampering with tools, using brackets and wrenches, just get the simple-to-install flagpole lights.

Must Meet the Flag Code

Simply put, the Flag Code says that out of patriotism, you might fly the flag 24/7 but you have to illuminate it at night such that a casual observer can recognize it from a distance. All of the solar flag pole lights in this review meet that requirement.

solar flagpole light


A rechargeable and replaceable battery with a long-running time is the Holy Grail of solar lighting. However, some flag pole lights come with irreplaceable batteries. Therefore, the entire contraption goes to the trash if the battery fails. In the same line, lithium-ion batteries are better because they charge faster.

Convenient Features

This means things such as an automatic on/off feature. That way, when dusk comes, the light goes on automatically and it goes off at dawn. More solar panels are better because they harvest more energy. Also, the more LEDs that light comes with, the brighter it is going to be.

Price and Warranty

Never pay more than you should for any product. However, for these lights, the prices are well below $50 for most of them. In addition, most come with warranty periods of up to 12 months. Of course, any warranty is better than none.

FAQ for Flagpole Solar Lights

FAQ for Flagpole Solar Lights

Some of the most common questions that people ask regarding flagpole solar lights are as follows:

How do you put a solar light on top of a flagpole?

This depends on the design of the flag pole light. However, for most of them, you just unscrew the flagpole truck (topmost part of the flag pole that swivels preventing the flag from wrapping itself around the pole), attach the light and re-screw it back. In the same line, follow the installation instructions from the manufacturer.

What is the best solar flagpole light?

In this list,  Alpha 180X is the best solar-powered flag light. It is unique, has a really bright light and the solar panel and light units are separate. In the same line, the Sunnytech solar flagpole light is also a good choice because of its features and low price.

How long will my solar flagpole light last in winter?

Unfortunately, it is not as long as it will last in summer or spring. These solar panels charge their batteries using sunlight and in winter, there are a few hours of the same. Besides, dusk comes much earlier meaning you have shorter nights.

How can I install the flag pole light for the best effect?

First, you can install the light on top of the pole so that the illumination pours downwards onto the flag. Secondly, if the design allows, you can install the light (for instance, Alpha 180X) right below the flag, on the pole. Thirdly, you can install a spotlight on the ground and direct the beam upwards to illuminate the flag.


That is it for the best solar flagpole lights that you can buy in the market.

This simple and affordable investment can bring out patriotism in you in full display of the flag on your residential or business property.

However, to get the full value of your money, consider the features more than the price. For example, a light with 42 LEDs will shine brighter than light with 24 LEDs.

If you do not mind rolling your sleeves up to tighten a few nuts, get the Solar Light Mart Alpha 180X since it offers magnificent illumination. On the other hand, if you value simplicity, get the Deneve Deluxe solar flag light.

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