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10 Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights – Reviews in 2020

Buying the best solar light is not enough. At some point, you will need the best batteries for solar lights to replace the stock ones it came with.

However, first things first …

Have you checked the design of your garden solar light? If it comes with replaceable batteries for solar lights, you are in luck, and this review article and buying guide is for you.

On the other hand, if your solar light comes with an irreplaceable, built-in battery, well … tough luck! If the battery becomes depleted or damaged, it is the trash bin for the entire lamp.

Here, we shall bring you 10 of the best solar rechargeable batteries. We have done the groundwork for you, compared the features, disadvantages and pros and cons of these solar lights.

Keep reading to see the reviews for handpicked solar light batteries.

Quick Summary: Best Batteries for Solar Lights 2020



Recharge Cycle

Our Rating

best Batteries for Solar Lights AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights(8 Pack)

800 mAh

1000 times

best Batteries for Solar Lights Panasonic eneloop

Panasonic eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights(8 Pack)


2100 times

best Batteries for Solar Lights Energizer

Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries for Solar Lights(4 Pack)

2000 mAh

1000 times

best Batteries for Solar Lights Duracell

Duracell AA Batteries for Solar Lights (4 Pack)

2500 mAh

400 times

best Batteries for Solar Lights POWEROWL

POWEROWL AA Rechargeable Solar Light Batteries(16 Pack)

2800 mAh

1200 times

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights Tenergy

Tenergy AA Solar Light Batteries(12 Pack)


500 times

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights Minetom

Minetom Double A Battery for Solar Lights(12 Pack)


500 times

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights EBL

EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights(16 Pack)


1200 times

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights Mr.Batt

Mr.Batt Rechargeable AA Solar Light Batteries(8 Pack)


1200 times

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights LP

LP AA Batteries for Solar Lights(8 Pack)


500 times

Best Batteries for Solar Lights Reviews 2020

The battery is hands down the most important accessory for solar lights. Therefore, if you have solar lights for lighting up your landscape at night, you know that the batteries charge during the day so that the LEDs can light up again at night.

1. AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights – 8 Pack

These rechargeable batteries for solar garden lights come in packs of 4, 8, 12, 16 and even 24. Therefore, you can order depending on your needs and budget. These batteries are versatile because you can use them for cameras, toys, remote controls and solar lights as long as they are compatible.


These batteries come pre-charged, so you can use them straight out of the box. In addition, you can recharge these batteries 1000 times before they become unusable. When the batteries cannot retain charge anymore, you can find a recycling center that takes such. They are recyclable.

These batteries have a high capacity of 2000mAh, at least going by the manufacturer rating. Even if you measure the capacity yourself, it will not be too far from that. In addition, the capacity stays almost the same even after many recharges later. Therefore, if your solar lights use AA batteries, it is always a good idea to have these around for backup.

Eventually, these batteries will self-discharge, but the process will be so gradual that they can last a couple of years. Even with discharge, they will retain about 80 percent of their charge for the first 24 months. After that, they will deplete so slowly until they can no longer hold charge.

There is a small disadvantage with these batteries though. Today, most of these batteries are made in China unlike the past versions that were made in Japan. They can start losing charge long before you can get to the promised 1000 recharges.


  • Affordable price for the pack of 8
  • They are recyclable once they stop retaining charge
  • Charged and ready to use straight out of the box
  • They come with a 12-month warranty


  • They will lose about 8 percent of their capacity in 6 months

Bottom line

These are simple-to-use batteries that you can use for your outdoor solar lights, toys, cameras, remote controls and many other things. With the ability to retain 80 percent of charge over 2 years, they are worth getting.

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2. Panasonic eneloop AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights – 8 Pack

No list or review of the best rechargeable batteries for solar lights will miss the Panasonic BK-3MCCA8BA AA because of their efficiency. There is little surprise there because Panasonic is one of the most popular brand names for home electronics in the world. But first, check the features of these eneloop batteries.


First, these are high capacity batteries with the manufacturer rating placing them at 2000mAh. Even consumer testing has placed them at 1900mAh, which is quite fair. Therefore, they will power your solar LEDs to give proper illumination for your reading and other activities that need light.

Secondly, you can recharge these batteries up to 2100 times! This is more than double the number of times that you can recharge the AmazonBasics batteries. In the same line, the batteries also come pre-charged so you can use them straight out of the box.

Thirdly, these are very versatile batteries. You can use them for solar lights, toys, flashlights, cameras, remote controllers as well as other items at home. Therefore, even if you buy a pack of 24, you will never lack some use for them.

Fourthly, when using a charger, don’t wait until the batteries fully discharge so that you can recharge them. You can “refill” them even when they are at 90 percent. On the same note, it helps to know that even at the factory, these batteries are charged with solar power. Therefore, they will charge well with the small solar panels that lights come with.

These are good batteries but there is a disadvantage. It turns out that the claim that you can recharge them 2100 times is hype. Consequently, this would mean they can last as long as 5 years, which we know isn’t just true. Therefore, take that claim with a pinch of salt.


  • Comes pre-charged with solar from the factory
  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Can be recharged more than 1000 times
  • Will hold more than 70 percent of charge for 24 months


  • The price is a bit steeper than that of other brands

Bottom Line

It is a well known fact that NiMH rechargeable batteries might help you if you live in cold areas. Therefore, since you will continue to use your solar lights even in winter, these batteries will help you.

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3. Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries for Solar Lights – 4 Pack

The company that makes Energizer solar rechargeable batteries was established in 1896. Therefore, many expect them to produce top notch products, which is the reason for featuring their AA batteries here. In the same line, you want to find out how good they will be for solar lighting.


These Energizer solar rechargeable batteries come pre-charged from the factory. Therefore, you can insert them in your solar lights and they will start illuminating the same night. This is a 4 pack of AA batteries. In addition, they are NiMH (nickel metal hydride) and they operate well in cold climates. Therefore, you probably need a pack to use in your solar lights in winter.

The capacity of these batteries is 2000mAh. This is just about the same as many other solar recharge batteries in the market today. With a full charge on a bright day, you could get 10 to 12 hours of light from your solar LEDs. Of course, this will depend on other things such as the number of LEDs that the batteries have to light up.

When a person asks what batteries are best for solar lights, one of the things that come up is the number of times you can recharge. The manufacturer says that these ones can be recharged up to 1000 times. Fully charged and stored, the battery can store the charge for up to 12 months.

Everything about these batteries says they are good value for money. However, there is a small disadvantage. They do not charge to a voltage of 1.5V as AA batteries should. Sometimes, the voltage will be as low as 1.2V.


  • They will last a few years powering your solar lights
  • They are made with recycled material
  • In storage, they hold charge for up to 12 months
  • They are powerful enough to run your lights the whole night


  • They cost more than most other batteries

Bottom Line

For your solar lights, you want batteries that you can insert and forget about them for a couple of years. These Energizer AA batteries seem to fit the bill nicely.

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4. Duracell AA Batteries for Solar Lights – 4 Pack

Using Duracell AA batteries for your outdoor solar lights gives you the opportunity to try a product that belongs to a company that has made batteries and smart energy systems since the early 1920s. However, every product should be judged individually using its features.


First, these rechargeable batteries for solar lights can store their charge for a long time. The manufacturer says that the batteries can keep charge for 10 years in storage. Therefore, you can buy them for your survival kit, for backup and most importantly, for your solar lights. They come pre-charged from the factory so you can use them straight out of the box.

Secondly, they have a high capacity with a rating of 2450mAh. Therefore, if you have those solar lights that come with many, say more than 40 LEDs, they will light them up. These are NiMH batteries. Consequently, they perform well in cold climates.

Thirdly, these batteries are versatile and you can use them not only for solar lights, but for powering your Xbox, remote controllers, toys, flashlights and other things. These batteries are also rechargeable, which is actually one of the reasons for buying them. They can take up to 400 recharges before you write them off.

Finally, for dusk to dawn running of your solar lights, you need high capacity rechargeable batteries. These ones have a 2450mAh capacity, so they will keep a uniform brightness of your solar lights throughout the night.

While these are good quality American-made batteries, there is a small disadvantage. With solar lights, they will not last as long as they would with toys, remote controllers and so on. However, most people figure that even a year is good enough.


  • They are powerful because of their high capacity
  • They will keep your lights running bright at night
  • Unopened, they can stay charged for up to 10 years
  • Good for cold areas


  • For a pack of 4, they are costly
  • Will probably last a year with solar lights

Bottom Line

Because of their high capacity, these batteries can run your solar lights at uniform brilliance throughout the night. However, they cost more but the high power more than compensates for that.

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5. POWEROWL AA Rechargeable Solar Light Batteries – 16 Pack

With such a high capacity, this battery for solar lights truly goes beyond the norm. If you want your LEDs to light up really bright throughout the night, you might love such high capacity rechargeable batteries. But first, find out their features to see if they are compatible.


The first and the most appealing one is the high capacity of the batteries. In the same line, capacity is measured in milliamp hours and the higher the better. Higher capacity batteries charge slowly but on the other hand, they hold the charge for longer. Besides, these batteries are also more powerful and they can power your solar lights through the night.

If they are not in use, these batteries can retain their charge at 70 percent for up to 10 years. That is honestly as high as it gets. Over the battery’s useful life, you can recharge it up to 1200 times. However, since the solar light will charge it every day, it is hard to quantify the number of charging times. Subsequently, we can only summarize the lifetime of this battery to about 3 to 4 years of use with solar lights.

Finally, since these are Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, you might want to buy them if you live in cold climate. They operate well even in low temperature conditions. Besides, in winter, the solar charging hours are less, so you need a high capacity battery to hold more charge.

In spite of the many good things going for these batteries, there is a small disadvantage. They are a bit thicker than most AA batteries. Therefore, they fit tightly into some compartments.


  • Can power your solar lights for several hours at uniform illumination
  • They have a long shelf life
  • 1200 recharges is quite something
  • They will discharge power at a steady voltage


  • Not fully pre-charged, just 30 percent so charge them before use

Bottom Line

If you like to run your solar lights throughout the night, these 1.2V AA rechargeable batteries for solar lights might be good for your needs. Additionally, they are good for highly bright LEDs because of their high capacity.

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6. Tenergy AA Solar Light Batteries – 12 Pack

The Tenergy AA is a NiCd – Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery for solar light. This kind of battery technology is known for tolerating more discharges and recharges than most other technologies. However, there is more to solar batteries than recharges. For example, the features are very important when getting a solar light battery, as you will see below:


The capacity of this battery is only 1000mAh. The use of the word “only” here is deliberate because there are other higher capacity AA batteries. The higher the mAh rating a battery has the more power it will hold. Therefore, with 1000mAh, you can only power a few LEDs through the night.

These batteries recharge with solar to full capacity fast, obviously because of the low capacity. However, for effective solar charging, wipe the face of the small panels clean so that they can capture as much sunshine as possible. Additionally, you can get up to 500 recharges, which is almost 2 years of use.

Because of their standard dimensions of 50mm by 14.2mm (Length by diameter), they make a good replacement for any other AA batteries that you might have in your solar lights. They are also versatile enough because you can use them in computer mouse, keyboard, gaming consoles, remotes and toys.

Everything has a flipside and the Tenergy AA batteries are not any different. Although they have a higher capacity than most batteries that solar lights come with, they still don’t last long. Therefore, you will be lucky to get 8 hours of light.


  • Sold at an affordable price so you can buy more and swap the bad ones
  • Charge well with solar or charger
  • Being able to recharge is better for the environment
  • Get up to 500 recharges


  • Your solar lights will run much shorter with the batteries

Bottom Line

These batteries come in a pack of 12 at an affordable price. Therefore, they give value for money. However, only get them if you don’t mind your solar lights not running through the night.

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7. Minetom Double A Battery for Solar Lights – 12 Pack

When you buy the Brightown NiMH rechargeable batteries, please remember that they come with about 30 percent charge. They say they pre-charge them this way for transportation safety. Therefore, it is advisable that you charge them with a charger or solar before you can use them.


These batteries come with a capacity of 1300mAh which means that you get more juice and a longer running time. Consequently, after a bright day of charging with solar energy, these batteries are going to run your LED lights for up to 10 hours. Of course, this will vary from time to time depending on how bright the day was.

You may recharge these batteries up to 500 times. In the same line, these batteries do not lose their maximum capacity fast. They are NiMH batteries and they retain maximum capacity longer than Nickel Cadmium batteries. In addition, the ability to recharge the batteries all these times saves you money since it can be at least a year before you need to replace them.

Safety is a major concern for people who would like to use these batteries in cameras, toys, TV remotes, gaming consoles and other items associated with children. However, with a UL listing, they are considered safe. UL listing means that this product has been tested for harmful materials and it passed.

While these batteries seem all good, there is a certain disadvantage. They work when they do and fail badly when they fail. Therefore, do not be surprised if you get a pack of 12 and you find a couple of them not working.


  • Pack of 12 is affordable
  • Manufacturer takes safety seriously
  • For AA batteries, 1300mAh capacity is good
  • They fit in many outdoor solar lights


  •       Not much good during the gloomy days unless you take them out and charge them with a charger

Bottom Line

These are regular, no frills rechargeable batteries for solar lights. They hold the charge well but they will last mostly a year before they fail to retain charge completely.

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8. EBL AA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights – 16 Pack

You can get these batteries in a pack of 16 or 28 pieces. You might find them useful items to have at home. Therefore, when you have used what you need in your solar lights, you may use the rest in TV remotes, PlayStation controllers, toys, soap dispensers and many other things. But first …


These are low discharge, NiMH batteries that self-discharge ever so gradually until they are no longer able to hold the charge. Their rating is 1200 recharging cycles. For use in solar lights, these batteries can last up to 3 years, perhaps more.

When you buy them, they are 20 percent pre-charged by solar for safety while in transit. Consequently, you have to charge them fully before you can use them. This means inserting them in the solar light in the morning on a bright day. In that case, by the time the light turns on automatically at dusk, they will be fully charged. For toys and other items, you can charge them with a charger.

The battery capacity is an impressive 2300mAh. Therefore, you can run your lights through the night until the sun comes up for another recharge. On the same note, the batteries will also charge even when they are only partially drained so that you always have them full. However, this might differ in the cold seasons.

In spite of the above features and obvious benefits, these batteries have the disadvantage of being “fatter” than most. Therefore, they can be challenging to fit into tight compartments. However, they fit in most solar lights that use AA batteries.


  • They can retain an 80 percent charge if unused for 3 years
  • They are sold with a container for storage
  • More powerful and hold charge longer
  • Going by the price, this is good value for money


  • You will need to charge them fully before use
  • Will reach their maximum capacity after about 5 cycles

Bottom Line

These AA rechargeable batteries for solar lights are powerful enough to hold juice longer. Therefore, they can keep your lights working longer every night. Additionally, they have such a low discharge rate they will last more than 3 years.

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9. Mr.Batt Rechargeable AA Solar Light Batteries – 8 Pack

Mr. Batt is Ni-MH type batteries that are rechargeable and can be used for various things around the home. However, they are mostly effective for powering outdoor solar light LEDs. Even if you have a flag pole solar light that uses AA batteries, these would suffice, because of their features.


With a capacity of 1600mAh, these batteries are obviously less powerful than the average of 2000mAh that most others offer. However, for solar lights with 30 to 48 LEDs, this light might be perfect for keeping them running through the night. With 3 to 5 cycles, the batteries will attain their steady discharge-recharge and hold it.

These solar batteries for garden lights self-discharge ever so slowly. In the same line, they will discharge to about 75% in 3 years in storage. In addition, they have a recharge rating of 1200 times. Therefore, they could serve you for over 2 years.

On the same note, when you get the batteries, they are pre-charged to 60%. Therefore, you can use them right out of the box.

The main disadvantage that Mr. Batt rechargeable batteries come with is that a few of them may not work. However, the manufacturer usually replaces with new stock when you return them.


  • Comes almost fully charged
  • Good buy for the price
  • 1600mAh is quite high capacity for AA batteries
  • They are NiMH types so they don’t contain pollutants


  • The lights will not be bright enough for a couple of days

Bottom Line

If you need solar lights on a low budget, Mr. Batt rechargeable AA batteries might be a good buy for you. However, give them a couple of days to attain their full working capacity.

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10. 2300mAh LP Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries – 8 Pack

If you need AA batteries that will work straight out of the box, you might consider the high capacity LP batteries. They come full pre-charged, so you just need to insert them. On the same note, they will not reach their optimum operating capacity until after three or more cycles.


These are high capacity AA rechargeable batteries that will hold their charge for longer. Apart from the winter days, the batteries will power your solar LEDs through the night. The capacity for these batteries is 2300mAh, which is around the average of 2000mAh that many batteries come with.

You will get a good battery case for storage. Therefore, the batteries are easy to store. In addition, if you store them in the right condition, they self-discharge so slowly, retaining 755 of their charge over 3 years.

You can recharge these batteries 500 times without. In the same line, since the solar light recharges them daily, they should serve you well for more than a year. Going by the price that you will pay for them, they give good value for money. The battery is safe because it has built-in protection for discharge, overcharge, surge and so on with RoHS and CE certifications.

In spite of the good things about this battery, the capacity is either not the claimed 2300mAh or it must discharge very fast. Many tests show it to be about 1700mAh.


  • The battery has many fail-safe features
  • It has a nice storage case for extra safety
  • Works with all solar lights that use AA batteries
  • Bright light after charging in a sunny day


  • Charge lasts a short time in cold seasons

Bottom Line

While LP is not a well known brand name in the world of rechargeable batteries, it might end up surprising you. You will love that you can use it right out of the box.

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Buying Guide for the Best Batteries for Solar Lights

Best Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights

Not every rechargeable battery in the market will be good for you. However, you can follow this buying guide to help you get good value for money.

Recharge Cycles – Above 1000

While we have reviewed some batteries here with recharge cycles of 500, the higher the better. Therefore, unless you really don’t mind, go for solar rechargeable batteries that have at least 1000 cycles. Consequently, you can expect such batteries to last a couple of years.

Low Self Discharge

If the batteries are not marked as low self discharge or LSD, do not buy them. LSD batteries self-discharge at a very slow rate. Therefore, most of them retain more than 70% of charge for over 3 years unused. On the same note, some can retain it for 10 years if stored correctly.

The capacity – At least 1000mAh

Most batteries that come with the solar lights are 650mAh or thereabouts. However, when you have to replace them, go for 1000mAh and above. The higher the capacity, the longer they will hold charge and the brighter the LEDs will be.

The Price – between $1 to $3 per piece

Don’t pay $30 for a pack of 8 while you can get another brand at $10 for the same number. There are zero to minimal improvements on the build and design, so the high price is not justified. Therefore, the price of each battery should be between $1 and $3.

FAQ for Rechargeable Solar Batteries

FAQ for Rechargeable Solar Batteries

The world of rechargeable solar batteries is mostly unknown to many people. Here are some of the questions that many people ask:

What kind of batteries do you use for solar lights?

Most outdoor solar lights use AA batteries. These can be Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) types. On the same note, the number of batteries that a solar light uses depends on the design but most of them use 4. NiMH batteries perform well in cold climates as compared to NiCd ones.

Can you use regular AA batteries in solar lights?

It would not be a good idea because alkaline batteries will only power the lights for a short time and then they will die. Solar lights need batteries that charge during the day. Consequently, the stored energy is used to light the LEDs at night. Only rechargeable batteries can store energy.

How long do rechargeable solar light batteries last?

This depends on the recharging cycle rating for each battery. For instance, if one battery has 2000 cycles, it can last a couple of years. On the same note, a battery that has a 500 recharge cycle can last less than a year.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Hopefully, the information that we have brought you here is going to help you choose the best batteries for solar lights.

To keep your solar garden lights, patio lights or flagpole lights running through the night, you need good batteries that will store the charge.

The eneloop, Duracell, AmazonBasicsand EBL rechargeable AA batteries for solar lights are some of the options that you might consider. On the same note, these are some of the most popular brand names for solar light batteries. They are LSD, have many recharge cycles and high capacity rating.

For a long running time, position your solar light in the most strategic place where it can capture the most sunshine. That way, the batteries can charge fully to run the lights through the night.

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