11051986_10155297803395621_8629878758982539693_nWant hands-on learning on how to create and install actual bottle lights? Contact us! Just fill out the form below. We encourage you to invite friends and make a team building activity out of it.

We are also on the lookout for people with specific skills. Please indicate in the form below if you meet the following positions:

Events – Join our team in events to help us sharing the word about our cause

Video Editors – Oversees video post-production for the website
Researchers – Finds and analyzes information related to the project
Writers – Writes copies for events and creates content for the website

Become an Ambassador of Light

Hold a fundraising workshop for Liter of Light!
Step 1: LEARN more about Liter of Light on this site. Prepare a (Power Point) presentation for your community using our videos and images you find on the internet.
Step 2: BUILD a light using our super-simple, educational Flip Bots. Contact us, and we’ll show you how.
Step 3: GIVE LIGHT to people around the world using the donations collected from your workshop.

People often ask if they can send us plastic bottles to use in our lighting systems. Unfortunately, plastic bottles clog drains and litter streets all over the world, making them easy to find and recycle for our lights. We encourage you and your friends to collect plastic and glass bottles in your community, then bring them to a recycling center where you can redeem a 5-cent deposit for every bottle. By donating the money you get from recycling, you become a Giver of Light!